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Furnace heating and ventilation systems are there to improve your quality of life and keep you warm. They work quietly in the background so it is often taken for granted. But, if the unimaginable happens and you need to replace or repair any installations we are more than qualified for the task. Additionally, we can provide regular check up  and service at a reasonable price to keep your unit performing at peak efficiency.

Richardson Wes Heating and Plumbing is proud to be an authorized Goodman & Lennox Furnace Dealer. Whether it is the extreme cold days or the low heat mild days, they will surround you with quiet and cozy comfort all season long. This is because Goodman and Lennox heating products are designed to provide efficient and economical comfort.

Heating Tips

A high efficiency furnace will reduce your energy cost and save you money in the long run. It will also run quieter and eliminate the odor from a poor burning furnace.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular annual check up and maintenance of your heating devices ensure long lasting and trouble free performance. Richardson Wes is happy to provide a system performance check for you because we aim to be your trusted service provider. Schedule a check-up today.

Signs you may need new furnace

1. Furnace is more than 15 years old

Typical units lasts about 15 to 20 years. Some have lasted longer and some failed earlier. Because there is no sure way to know before hand, homeowners need to be more mindful as their units get older.

2. Your gas bills have gone up

As the furnace is one of the most energy consuming item in modern homes, its efficiency directly affects your bill. So, as winter gets under way, keep an eye on your monthly energy use. If the bills are much more than previous year and the rates have not changed, then it may be that your furnace needs servicing or if not economical, to be replaced.  

3. Not getting enough heat

Your house feels cold even though the heat is on, and there is no new source of heat loss or faulty thermostat. Is that case, you should call for check up by professionals such as Richardson Wes Heating and Plumbing to diagnose the problem.

4. Something looks, sounds or smells off

If you see corrosions and cracks on furnace components, hear banging, squealing and or screeching noises, or can smell a little bit of unburned gas (natural gas is made to smell like rotten gas for easy detection) you should schedule a service appointment asap. This is because your unit needs servicing or repairs.

5. Your furnace seems to be on all the time

A furnace cycles on when the temperature dips below what is set on the thermostat and off when the target temperature is reached. So, if the unit turns on and off too frequently or seems to stay on all the time, then it is time for a check to see what is wrong because it will give you better peace of mind and save you money in the long run.

Bad news and good news

Well, if the bad news is that you need to replace your furnace then the good news is Richardson Wes is here to help. Schedule a free in-home consultation today because we will turn the bad news to good with our quality service and unbeatable prices!


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