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If you have drains that are clogged, draining slowly or back flowing you may need it cleaned out. Richardson Wes Heating & Plumbing is prepared to provide you with the best competitive pricing. We use cable machines and our technicians are trained to use snakes to break through any stoppage in drainpipes. We clean the pipe with machine that clears up the drain build-up.

Clogged drain

Drain Cleaning Tips

1. Do not use corrosives such as Draino on cast iron piped drainage in older homes. It will weaken and erode the metal resulting in more problems down the line.

2. On non ferrous drains follow the instructions on commercially available drain cleaners to clear blocked or slow moving drains.

3. Use an over the counter DIY drainage snake and try to clear the drain.

4. If the above methods fail to clear your clogged or slow moving drain, then it is time to call a professional like Richardson Wes and our experienced plumbers will have your drainage problem fixed in no time with our professional equipments.


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