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Fortis BC | Rinnai Tankless | Goodman

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Check For Rebates!

Always check for rebates because you can save a lot of money just by considering rebates in your purchase decisions.

Rebates Work

They are ways for manufacturers to promote their products because they are most often the factors when there is nothing else to differentiate between brands. So, be diligent and do a little lookup on rebates before you decide on which product is right for you!

Choose Us

When you find the product and rebate that you want, Richardson Wes will be happy to help you with your redemption. We will be there to sell and install your purchase with BBB A+ rated quality backed by over 40 years in business.

Service Area

Richarson Wes Heating and Plumbing service clents from Downtown Vancouver to Coquitlam, and from Richmond to North and West Vancouver. 

Rebate Redemption for Fortis BC

Here’s a guide to getting started with our user-friendly
online application process:

1. Get your paid invoice.
You’ll need your contractor’s invoice before you start.
It should have all the information you’ll need for your
rebate application (e.g. manufacturer’s name and
appliance model number, etc.).
If you discover you’re missing information while filling
out your application, talk to your contractor and tell
them what you need. They should be able to provide it.
Note: each rebate page on our site lists any
additional documents you may need to upload
such as commissioning sheets and/or photos of
your installed equipment.

2. Go online.
• Are you renovating your home or upgrading your
appliances, fireplace or heating systems:
• Is your household income-qualified? You may be
eligible for larger rebates:
• Are you converting to natural gas from wood,
oil or propane, or installing a wall furnace:

3. Follow subsequent online steps.


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